MTV Reviving 'Real World,' 'Daria' And 'Aeon Flux' Through New Studio

The network is going back to its non-music roots.

The network best known for being a music channel that doesn’t play a lot of music is going back to the old days. Not their music-playing old days, but their TV-show old days.

On Thursday, MTV announced the creation of MTV Studios, a new production house that will be in charge of reviving some of the network’s most beloved classic shows, including “Daria,” “The Real World” and “Aeon Flux.”

“Daria,” the animated series about a sarcastic girl navigating the cliquey world of high school, will be relaunched from the mind of “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” writer Grace Edwards.

Remakes of the O.G. reality show “The Real World” and the science fiction animated series “Aeon Flux” were announced earlier this month

“The Real World,” which featured seven strangers living together under one roof, debuted in 1992 and has run for 32 seasons. “Aeon Flux” was an odd, experimental show about a futuristic assassin that originally aired in 1991 and ran for three seasons. This new iteration of “Aeon Flux” is slated to be live-action.

Still no word on MTV’s music plans.