Comic Publisher Turning Mueller Report Into Graphic Novel

Editor Justin Eisinger says illustrating the controversial report is "the easiest way to get people to actually read it.”

A San Diego-based comic publisher has figured out a novel way to actually get people to read the Mueller report: Turn it into a graphic novel.

IDW Publishing announced on Friday that it is publishing “The Mueller Report: Graphic Novel,” an illustrated version of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and his team into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

Justin Eisinger, who’s editing the book, believes comic illustrations are the key to drawing more eyeballs to the report’s findings.

“This really is the easiest way to get people to actually read it,” he told HuffPost.

Artist Shannon Wheeler, who is doing the book with journalist Steve Duin, said he was surprised by how “readable” Mueller’s report actually is — and says real-life characters like President Donald Trump, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon are “straight out of Dick Tracy.”

Wheeler promises a combination of factual information (there will be footnotes referencing the report throughout the book) and a lot of real-life hilarity.

“The part of the report where Trump learns about the investigation and freaks out, saying ‘I’m fucked!’ It makes me laugh every time,” Wheeler told HuffPost.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Shannon Wheeler courtesy of IDW Publishing

The graphic novel is expected to be published next April, and the text will be based on factual sources.

However, Wheeler admits he’ll be taking artistic license with how the events are depicted.

“Overweight guys like Steve Bannon and Chris Christie are really fun to draw, and ― who knows? ― maybe we’ll put a dunce cap on Donald Trump Jr.,” he said.

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