Hack A Muffin Tin To Make Savory Bowls You Can Fill With ANYTHING

You'd batter listen up.

Muffin tins make muffins, yes. But flip them over, and it's a doughlightful new world.

Cover upside-down muffin cups in ready-bake biscuit dough, and watch them puff into bowls that you can stuff with cheese and chili. Or wedge taco shells between the cups and bake to make crispy mini tostada bowls that wait patiently for shredded cheese, chicken and lettuce, as this video from Allrecipes so beautifully shows.

Possibilities abound with overturned muffin tins: There are chocolate chip cookie bowls and sugar cookie cups to be made, too. Consider this the beginning of hacking your way through your kitchen.

H/T Diply

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