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Mug Gingerbread House: It's Tiny And Cute

It's what your mug's been missing all along.

You probably didn't know this, but your mug is missing something. It's missing a tiny gingerbread house. Food blogger Not Martha has created this small coffee mug accessory and now we can't imagine the holidays without them -- or any time of year, really.

You may only know gingerbread houses as something that comes out of a kit (and is impossible to put together), but they have a lot more potential than that. You can make them giant, even life sized, or use that spiced flavor we love to make all kinds of other desserts.

But gingerbread houses are at their best when they're perched on the edge of our mug; it makes everything in the world feel right again. Want a tiny gingerbread house on your mug? Let Not Martha teach you how it's done.

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