Muhammad Ali's Death Met With Outpouring Of Remembrances

R.I.P. to The Greatest.

The death of Muhammad Ali on Friday was met with an outpouring of grief and appreciation from family, friends, fans and foes.

The boxing legend was admitted to a hospital in Phoenix earlier this week for treatment of a respiratory condition. His death was announced Friday night. He was 74.

Ali's impact extended beyond boxing, to social activism, politics and religion. Responses began flooding social media soon after his death.

President Barack Obama said in a moving tribute that the first boxer to win three world titles was “The Greatest,” not only for his talent but also his spirit.

"Muhammad Ali shook up the world," Obama said in a statement. "And the world is better for it. We are all better for it."  

Boxer Lennox Lewis

"Words cannot begin to describe the loss we all face in the passing of one of the greatest citizens this world has ever known. Boxing has lost its greatest ambassador and the world has lost one of its greatest voices."

"He was my source of inspiration, and along with my other hero, Nelson Mandela, served as a shining example of grace, dignity, and courage, through a lifetime of service to others."

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton:

Hillary and I are saddened by the passing of Muhammad Ali. From the day he claimed the Olympic gold medal in 1960, boxing fans across the world knew they were seeing a blend of beauty and grace, speed and strength that may never be matched again. We watched him grow from the brash self-confidence of youth and success into a manhood full of religious and political convictions that led him to make tough choices and live with the consequences. Along the way we saw him courageous in the ring, inspiring to the young, compassionate to those in need, and strong and good-humored in bearing the burden of his own health challenges.

I was honored to award him the Presidential Citizens Medal at the White House, to watch him light the Olympic flame, and to forge a friendship with a man who, through triumph and trials, became even greater than his legend. Our hearts go out to Lonnie, his children, and his entire family.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

“Elaine and I were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Muhammad Ali, one of the preeminent and most beloved athletes of the 20th century. Inside the ring, he was graceful on his feet and packed a powerful punch.

"Outside the ring, he thrilled us with his exuberance for life. He was more than just a boxer. He was The Greatest.

"His life story is an American story, and it’s a story that began in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali grew up in Louisville. He fought his first professional fight there. And Louisville is now the site of the Muhammad Ali Center, which will continue his legacy and preserve his life story for all to experience.

"Our thoughts are with the Ali family and the dedicated staff at the Ali Center in this time of grief.”

Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), a former boxer:

"On the morning of June 22, 1972 I got to hang out for a little while with the Greatest of All Time. Muhammad Ali was everything the world had come to know and love – funny, charming and one hell of an athlete. That morning I was just a star struck kid from Searchlight. I will never forget being at Caesars Palace, talking to the Greatest and watching in awe as he trained.

“I was deeply saddened to learn today of Muhammad Ali’s passing. The world has lost a monumental, unforgettable figure. I offer my condolences to his family and join the millions around the world in mourning his passing.

“Ali was a legend and a fighter in every sense of the word. He fought and won inside the ring and fought for equality and justice outside the ring. Ali taught us all about the value of hard work, tenacity and never giving up. He was an inspiration whose tireless work ethic, unmatched skills and supreme self-confidence made him the Greatest of All Time. And he showed us that even when you get knocked down, you can always get back up.

“There has never been anyone like Muhammad Ali and there never will be again. He leaves behind an indelible legacy that will continue to serve as an inspiration for generations to come."

 Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Democratic presidential candidate:

"Muhammad Ali was the greatest, not only an extraordinary athlete but a man of great courage and humanity." 

G.O.A.T You will be missed but never forgotten. #MuhammadAli

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