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Multicultural Holiday Gift Guide

There is a demographic shift happening in the U.S. We are more diverse than ever. As a biracial mom of four, this is an exciting time. As one of the fastest growing populations, gone are the days where we have to choose one box or identify with one culture. We are more fluid and free to self-identify
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There is a demographic shift happening in the U.S. We are more diverse than ever. As a biracial mom of four, this is an exciting time. As one of the fastest growing populations, gone are the days where we have to choose one box or identify with one culture. We are more fluid and free to self-identify. Being multiracial and multicultural no longer means having to assimilate to the dominate culture in order to be accepted. We can function and celebrate all that we are without denying a piece of ourselves. We can teach our children to have pride in their culture(s) as well as learn about other cultures.

Brands are understanding this shift in the population and are answering the call for products to fill the white space. They know that the multicultural consumer is considered the "super consumer" when it comes to buying power and are providing them access to innovative and quality products that satisfy this unmet need.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg of multicultural and educational products available right now to help you finish up your holiday shopping.


Multicultural and multiracial individuals want to see themselves in media. They want to pick up fashion magazines like Slink that show a wide variety of skin tones and body types. They want to see positive messages and encouraging images of various body types to foster self esteem at each dress size.

Parents want to read books to their children that look like them. Books "I Am Awesome", "Mixed Me" and "I Love My Hair" are a few. Check out Bino and Fino for fun videos that introduce them to Africa.

If your teen wants to get engrossed in a comic books that reflect their reality, Niobe: She is Life is for you.
Researchers and educators want text books that focus on once overlooked populations and age groups from a multiracial perspective like Sharon H. Chang's new "Raising Mixed Race Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World."

Bloggers and Youtubers are fun to follow. There are some amazing individual and family sites out there that share glimpses into their multicultural and multiracial lives. Head over to Growing up Blackican, Black and Married with Kids, The Nive Nulls, The Mixed Up Blog and Multiracial Asian Families to name a few.


Fashion and culture go hand in hand. Whether taking you way back with some hip hop culture of the Wu tee or say hello in different languages from around the globe by Mixed Up Clothing, we got you covered.

Want some bow ties and hair bows utilizing sourced fabric from all over the world? No problem.

Have a name that isn't easily found on a coffee mug or magnet? Design your own custom necklace with your name in gold or silver.

Indigenous populations represent! Find empowering messages and show your pride with this clothing line.
Black Russian Label is a contemporary women's line inspired by Joanna de'Shay's cultural background of being born to a Nigerian father and a Russian mother.

No outfit would be complete without a good accessory and these clutches by Kashmir Thompson are no exception.


Arts and crafts are ways to capture your artistic side. From people color crayons to craft paper that comes in different shades, Lakeshore has all the supplies you need.

Coloring books that showcase different cultures and abilities is the focus of Nani Nani Kids. This creative book will have young and old coloring for hours while learning important lessons of acceptance and inclusion.
Once artwork is complete, head to Oranguframe for the ultimate way to display your artwork.


Science, Technology, Engineering (Art) and Mathematics (STEM and STEAM) are being taught younger and younger these days. Coding is very important and many groups are available to support young people interested in these fields. Black Girls Code and DIY Girls are groups here to support the next generation. DIY Girls even has a fun circuit kit to inspire young thinkers.
My Family Builders has many options for children to play with. Have two moms or dads? Part of a blended family? Head to their website and pick out blocks that look like your family.

Ever wonder if there was a doll that was mixed Latina and Jewish or French and Lebanese? Well the answer is yes and they are called Mixis Dolls. They carry these and many more mixed race dolls.


There are so many multicultural artists in the music scene. We love the soulfulness of Jhené Aiko and newcomer Alessia Cara. Don't sleep on the genre-bending, Latin Grammy nominated Quattro Sound. Andra Day rounds our list. She appears with legend, Stevie Wonder, for Apple and it is magical.


Hair care products and lip balms are fun gifts and stocking stuffers. Mixed Chicks carries more than just hair care products. Their new beauty line is in stock now.
Calipso Kiss Lip Balms are certified organic and offers government-backed assurance that products are grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals.

In the giving mood this time of year? There are so many wonderful charities and non-profit organizations doing great work out in the community. Mixed Roots Foundation, Mixed Roots Stories, Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC), Loving Day and Mixed Marrow are just a few out there in the multicultural/multiracial trenches day in and day out that need our support.

Thank you to these brands and the many others that are bringing more multicultural and multiracial options to the fore. They hear our plea and are answering the call. They are saying "we see you and are here for you."

We couldn't list everyone but would love to see who we need to have on our radar. Shout them out in the comments below.

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