Multifunctional Bedroom Furniture For Small Spaces

Make your furniture work twice as hard.
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There’s a particular kind of wizardry that comes from living in a small space. You find magical ways to store your garbage and compost without keeping it out in the kitchen and become a master at crafting seating areas in spaces too small for couches.

The one hack all small-space veterans will tell you is vital to getting more space out of less? Buying multipurpose furniture that’ll work twice as hard. Small bedrooms prove particularly challenging to work with. (After all, you can have a living room without a couch, but you can’t have a bedroom without a bed).

That’s why we’ve found some damn-near brilliant pieces of multifunctional bedroom furniture that’ll help you get the most out of your tiny sleeping area.

Below, 13 small-space hacks for getting the most out of your tiny bedroom:

Floating nightstand to free up floor space
This Scandi-style floating nightstand frees up floor space by keeping your bedtime essentials suspended mid-air easily within reach. Made of solid oak wood with a matte finish, the shelf includes a drawer, lower shelf, and top storage space for a bedside lamp, bedtime books, tea cups, alarm clock, and more.
Gentleman's chest for clothes, linens, bedding and accessories
For a more unique storage solution, a gentleman's chest is a clever way to combine dresser storage and general closet storage. This seven drawer dresser includes a side cabinet for linens, pillows, bedding and more. Our advice? Swap the boring metal handles for something bold and vintage for a truly one-of-a-kind look that'll have guests thinking you paid way more for this find than you actually did. Your secret's safe with us.
Small industrial clothing rack
This small industrial clothing rack is your solution to a small (or nonexistent) closet. It looks way more expensive than it actually is, probably because of its eye-catching wooden footboard and white rails. You can get additional shelves for top storage that's perfect for accessories like bags and scarves.
Storage unit that fold out into a desk and bookcase
This clever multifunctional storage cabinet is perhaps designed for kitchen use, but it's smart enough to use just about anywhere you need more space and more tabletop seating. We recommend a solution like this for desk space, book storage, art supplies, and more.
Space-saving rolling nightstand
Give your small bedroom the versatility it needs with easy-to-move furniture. This rolling bedside table has plenty of storage for books and knick knacks, but it can be moved to just about anywhere in your home you need extra surface area.
Mirror with vanity tray
This stunning mirror is a conversation piece all on its own, but add the mirrored vanity tray attached to it, and you have one knock-out design piece for your small bedroom. Use the vanity tray to collect jewelry, perfume, lipstick or other out-the-door beauty essentials.
Bench with hideaway storage
Keep this upholstered storage bench at the foot of your bed for extra seating and as a place to store decorative pillows at night. The interior storage is a perfect place to keep extra bedding, fresh linens and even closet items.
Desk combined with a bookcase
This visually stunning ladder desk is not just a piece of stunning piece of interior design eye candy. Its unique design is ideal for cramped rooms that need to make the most of vertical space. It's big enough for a monitor or laptop, and the top shelves are perfect for books, plants, pictures and other home decor.
Double closet rod to expand storage
If you're not getting the most out of your extra-tall closet, this double closet rod can be used to essentially double your closet space. Simply place it in your closet, and then hang as many clothes on it as you wish.
Platform bed frame with under bed storage
For the minimalist, this platform bed is a space-saving savior with its rolling, under bed storage containers. The storage bins have wheels, so they can easily roll in and out from under the bed. Plus, they're visually unassuming and won't take away from other focal points in your bedroom decor.
Modular wall shelves
Mix and match these modular wall cubes to get the exact storage setup for your needs.
Combined air purifier with humidifier
It's not hard to find air purifiers with humidifiers, but it's not easy to find them, either. This Ventra Airwasher adds moisture to dry air, while simultaneously cleaning the air in the room. Though a bit pricey, this unit doesn't require additional filters to operate. Rather, water is the filter. If you suffer from allergies, pollen, pet dander, dust or other breathing issues (particularly at night while you sleep), you'll see a visible improvement after using an air washer.
2-in-1 dresser and bookcase
This combined dresser and bookcase is the minimalist's smart solution to more storage using less space. It's versatile enough to be used as a dining room hutch, a study bookshelf, or storage in a nursery. The shelves are adjustable so you find the perfect display for your needs.

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