Multipraktik Collective Creates Awesome Murals Out Of Tape (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Taping The City

The manufacturers of colored duct tape must be overjoyed that a collective of artists and designers in Slovenia are ordering in bulk thousands of different neon colored tape rolls... all in the name of art. The Multipraktik Collective in Slovenia is a multi-disciplinary design collective that serves as a platform for different artists to come together on various projects. As a general rule, the collective likes to experiment with different mediums, objects, and space, as well as recycling old objects to create something new.

Their "tape art" murals began as part of a new campaign for a Slovenian cell phone brand. But from there members of Multipraktik went wild. They selected a team of artists (ranging from illustrators and street artists to designers, and painters) and took to the streets. Only the locations and sketches were planned -- everything else was spontaneous.

While the cellphone campaign has since ended, many of the artists are so devoted to the medium that they're continuing to create more tape murals around the world. Take a look through the slideshow to see the vibrant murals as well as peep the rocking time-lapse video showing the artists at work.

Multipraktik: TapeArt

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