Mummified Body Found In Alleged Hoarder's San Francisco Home, Police Say

Mummified Body Found In Alleged Hoarder's Home, Police Say

ABC 7 reports there was so much debris in the home that the door was blocked and firefighters wearing protective masks had to enter through a window.

“A police officer outside the house told me they’d found rats, black widow spiders, 300 bottles of urine and mold on the walls and they felt they were in over their heads,” a neighbor, who was not named, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The hoarding is reportedly so bad that it’s up to the ceiling,” district supervisor Eric Mar told CBS San Francisco.

The home is located in the city's Inner Richmond district and taxes haven't been paid in several years, according to SocketSite, a local real estate news site.

A neighbor told the Chronicle that a woman had been living in the home with her mother and dog, but that the mother had not been seen for several years. The paper said authorities would not confirm if the body was that of the mother. However, foul play is not suspected.

ABC 7 reports that a woman who lives in the home, possibly the daughter, has been hospitalized at least once for extreme hoarding.

“I’m kind of sad. I’m feeling afraid, I’m afraid. I tried to befriend her. I said 'hi' to her, and she turned away," neighbor Lucy Tai told CBS. "She didn’t want to make friend."

(h/t SFist)

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