Murder Victim Plays Dominos At His Own Wake

He'll only let you win over his dead body.
Reuters /Landov

In a tribute to her son who died in an Oct. 11 shooting, a woman hired a company to prop him up in front of a table of dominos, giving him one last party to celebrate his send-off to the great beyond, The Mirror reports.

Jomar Aguayo Collazo was shot a few days after his 23rd birthday.

Forgoing a traditional wake, Collazo's body went on display at his mother's bar in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Pictures show him propped him up at a table next to a jukebox, seeming to enjoy one last game.

Donning a blue tracksuit, he sat surrounded by dominos while friends and family took turns sitting next to him.


This tribute might remind some of "Weekend at Bernie's," but diorama-style wakes are becoming increasingly popular in parts of Puerto Rico, with at least four other bodies having been put into lifelike displays in the past eight years, as The Washington Post reported last year.

Collazo's mother worked with Marin Funeral Home in San Juan, which specializes making dioramas out of the deceased, according to

The Post reports that the practice is legal.