Murdoch's Hacking Scandal: It's the Story That Keeps Giving

Luck, power, sheer fortitude and a brilliant network of partisans and flunkies are the elements that protect the rich and powerful from being brought down by the large and small crimes that have made them rich and powerful, or by the ironies and poetic justice that inevitably level them, too.

Nobody has had more luck, power and fortitude, nor has put together a greater network of the cowed and owing than Rupert Murdoch.

He has survived near-bankruptcy, countless business blunders of staggering proportions, a kidnapping attempt, a messy personal life, and, as well, one of the most counterintuitive PR strategies in the history of modern media (brutishness and charmlessness).

Still, as a longtime friend and tolerant observer of my obsession with Rupert reminded me in an email this weekend, if the hacking scandal that has him on his uppers in London had happened in the US, it really would likely -- finally -- be curtains for Rupert.

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