Murray, Clever Boy, Ruins Magician David Williamson's Card Trick On Television (VIDEO)

09/04/2012 05:49pm ET

The footage may be over 20 years old, but the moment is timeless: A 6-year-old named Murray proves to a magician on television that kids tend to be smarter -- or at least more perceptive -- than adults often think.

In the video above, which recently resurfaced on Reddit, magician David Williamson begins by asking Murray if he likes card tricks. When Murray says he does, Williamson lays out the playing cards, claiming there are three. But Murray stops the trick before it begins by pointing out that he can see a fourth card stuck to one of the others.

Gawker has since posted footage of Murray, at age 26, reuniting with Williamson at the International Magic Convention in 2011. The two have enough banter to suggest there are no hard feelings between them, and Williamson actually gets to finish the rest of his trick.

But before Murray comes on, Williamson gives some more background on how things went down that day.

The trick he was performing, which he refers to as the "stretching the queen," involved a special card. The studio had paid about $400 to secure one for the show. However, Williamson also notes that he did get some nice royalty checks as his embarrassing moment continued to air on television.

Watch the 2011 reunion below. (Murray comes on at the 5:00 mark.)

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