Muse's Matt Bellamy 'Disappointed' With 'The 2nd Law,' Hoped For More Acoustic Tracks

With a number two spot on the US charts, domination in their native England, and an upcoming over-the-top tour, you would think that the men behind Muse would be satisfied.

Not so much.

In an interview withThe Daily Star, Matt Bellamy seemed far from content with their new album, "The 2nd Law." “I’m disappointed that we don’t have many acoustic tracks, more quiet moments," he said. “When I left the studio after having laid the foundations for the single 'Madness' it was sparse. When I returned two days later, Chris and Dom Howard had put absolutely everything on it.”

He also measured the band's success against that of Coldplay, who he said is "the only English group to have had real success [in the US] in the last 15 years."

Muse's newest album has been seen as a major departure for the band. While it has generally received favorable reviews, album sales are lower than the band's 2009 album, 'The Resistance.'

For more on Muse, head over to The Daily Star.

[via DailyStar.co.uk]

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