Meet The Lady Who Lives In A Museum

There's a fine line between collecting 5,000 pieces of art and hoarding them. For Betsy Alexander, it's all about placement.

"When we buy a piece of art, our friends will say, 'Where are you going to put it?'... But there's always a place -- it's just shocking," says Alexander, who's been collecting since she was 9 years old.

Her Philadelphia home-cum-museum is the subject of videographer Cory Popp's latest project (Popp brought us a colorful look at his hometown's front doors last month), and is filled floor to ceiling with quirky pieces like ray guns and wind-up robots -- items that Alexander says mean more to her than going on a vacation or purchasing a fancy fur coat.

Take a closer look at some of her most unique items in the photos below and tour her home in the video above.

cory popp collector

cory popp collector

cory popp collector

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