Museum Of Science and Industry Puts Out Call For 'Month At The Museum 2' Applications (VIDEO)

After a successful debut of its "Month at the Museum" experiment last fall, the Museum of Science and Industry has put out a nationwide call for a new roommate to live in the museum for 30 days this coming fall.

From October 19 to November 17, the contest's winner will be granted full access to the 14-acre museum while they interact with the museum's guests and fans both in person at the museum and via blogging and social media. After the month is up, the museum guest will be rewarded $10,000, according to a museum press release issued Wednesday.

The winner of the museum's inaugural "Month At The Museum" contest, Kate McGroarty, was chosen from a pool of 1,500 would-be museum roomies. The Andersonville teacher, actor and writer, told Wired the experience was "very very fun" if somewhat overwhelming at times. In an AP story, McGroarty recounted her month of blogging, sleeping in unusual places and occasionally spooking the museum's night staff.

Think you have what it takes to follow in McGroarty's footsteps? Applications, which include a 60-second video and a 500-word essay, are due to the museum by July 22. Judging by their video below, while they're on the lookout for an "outgoing, curious individual," robot applicants need not apply.

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