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New York's Museum Of Sex Mounts Very Explicit Exhibits (NSFW)


For 13 years, New York's Museum of Sex -- MoSex for short -- has enlightened, educated and titillated patrons with a variety of explicit exhibits covering all aspects of sexuality.

How explicit?

Well, visitors who step from the stairs into the first exhibition floor see a larger than life video loop of Linda Lovelace performing oral sex.

Not enough to arouse your attention?

Well, there is always the fun and frolicking Tunnel of Love G-Spot Mirror Maze or the art exhibit dedicated to how different species mate with each other.

NSFW slideshow:

The Museum of Sex is located at 233 Fifth Avenue between 27th and 28th
An erotic themed carnival game at the "Museum of Sex" in New York City.
A bouncy castle of breasts.
An erotic rock wall.
A Victorian era anti-masturbation device.
A female urinal.
A print featuring Disney characters.
A pygmy chimp offering sex for sugar cane.
Dress made of condoms.
A display of robots having sex.
Condoms for sale in the gift shop.

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