Museums Share Their Creepiest Possessions In Twitter Challenge

No admission fee required!

If dolls, ghouls or stuffed animals scare you, now is the time to look away.

Museums around the world challenged one another on Wednesday to rustle up their creepiest and most unconventional items and share them on Twitter.

The challenge, dubbed “Museum 101,” led to a chilling collection of scary oddities ― including dolls, which proved to be especially popular:

”Museum 101” was named after a place called “Room 101” that’s featured in George Orwell’s book 1984, according to website Culture Themes, which put on the event.

That space stores things that people fear or don’t like. The website notes that Room 101 is actually more about torture, but “Museum 101” organizers are staying away from that angle.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the oddities steer clear of death or disembodied parts, as you can see below:

The art of taxidermy may be the thing that sends shivers down your spine. If that’s the case, plenty of museums were eager to show off their collection of furry friends, some of which can be seen below:

There are those miscellaneous finds, too.

From spooky pictures to masks, toys and even a ghost, museums appeared to cover all the bases. Some highlights included a painted whale eardrum (see directly below) and a velvet and silk mask once worn by gentlewomen as early as the 1500s.

Have something to add? Join in on the fun by Tweeting out your museum oddity using the hashtag #Museum101.

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