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This Is Musha Cay, Our New Favorite Escape

Want to impress family and friends this summer and take them to one of the most magical places in the world?

Well, look no further than Musha Cay: The Islands of Copperfield Bay, a private island playground with 11 islands and 40 beaches, found in Great Exumas, Bahamas. The vacation comes with your own catamaran, an outdoor movie theater on the beach, and a secret village with monkeys that will hug you. If you like billiards, feel free to use Harry Houdini's personal pool table.

Sure, the islands are magical, but what else would you expect when they're owned by world-famous magician David Copperfield? The stay costs a stunning $39,000 per night ($52,500 if you bring 24 people), but at least all drinks and meals are included. That fireworks show you wanted? That'll cost you extra.

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