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Mushroom Guide: Moving Beyond White Button Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a wondrous ingredient. They have the ability to add a depth of flavor to our dishes that is otherwise unattainable. But most of us buy mushrooms at the store not really understanding the difference between the big brown ones and the tiny little white ones.

For some of us, this means that we occasionally pick up a new variety and throw it into a home-cooked dish. For others it means we just stick to what we know -- the good ol' tried-and-true white button mushroom. And while there is nothing wrong with this common mushroom, it's just, well, a bit boring at times. Now that most grocery stores have the meaty shiitake and the floral chanterelle so readily available to us, how can we not take this opportunity for some culinary exploration?

In order to walk you through these new ingredients in your kitchen, we at Kitchen Daily have put together a short guide of the most common mushrooms to be found at many local grocery stores. With a run down of the subtle flavor notes each variety can offer, and recipes that highlight their unique characteristics, you will be well on your way to becoming a mushroom aficionado. So, step away from the white button, and put a new type of mushroom in your cart.

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Quick Mushroom Guide