This Music Will Make You More Productive At Work

Though it kinda depends on what you do for a living.

If you've hit a wall at work, music could help you get through it.

Funky or classical beats have been shown to relieve stress, boost mood and actually improve one's cognitive performance and the ability to concentrate. A thoughtful playlist on Spotify really could be all you need for a reboot.

But the type of music that best suits you may depend on the type of job you have.

As content marketing agency Column Five illustrated in the infographic below, choosing a playlist means being honest about your work circumstances. Are you working at a desk? On your feet, helping customers all day?

The selections should all be taken with a grain of salt, as the team who came up with them are not scientists, but they did think long and hard about the kind of rhythms that could work for specific situations.

Research suggests that songs without lyrics that aren't played too loudly are best for chugging along at work, so keep that in mind.

To discover what kind of tunes will put you into Energizer Bunny mode, check out the graphic below:

And here's a great "At Work" playlist on Spotify to help get you started. Using the logic above, this one's probably best suited to those trying to entertain (like a barista) or in need of a steady beat (someone who's concentrating at their computer):

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