MUSIC: Fleetwood Mac Reunites the Full Band After 16 Years

Rock legends Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood are jamming together as if no time has passed during their 2014-2015 world tour. Their recent stop in Tacoma, Washington proved one thing: they're still on the map as one of rock's greatest bands.

Nicks had an unusually intimate moment with the nearly sold-out crowd before belting out one of her most recognizable tunes. The 66-year-old shared that prior to her 40-year career with Fleetwood Mac she dreamed of going into the rock n' roll clothing paradise known as the Velvet Underground and purchasing her "rock n'roll clothes." When Fleetwood Mac took off, she returned to the place she loved.

"So I'm back, to the velvet underground...back to the floor that I love. To a room with some lace and paper flowers," Nicks playfully recalled. Then she sped off into the song as only she could.

Buckingham's over-the-top performance of "Big Love" was a bit dramatic in parts, but impressive nonetheless. No picks? No problem. Buckingham tore the guitar to shreds with his bare hands.

One song noticeably lacking on the set list was "Sara," but the energy level during the entire two-plus hours more than made up for it. "Tusk," "Landslide," "Dreams," and "Silver Springs" were major highlights.

Sixteen years after her last tour stop with the band, Christine was celebrated in front of thousands as Nicks put the spotlight on her self-professed Buckingham "buffer."

The reason for Christine's abrupt departure from music?

"I had a fear of flying," Christine said in a recent TODAY show interview. "I hadn't flown for 15 years."
When she returned, however, all was well.

"I was so warmly and affectionately received back into the band like the prodigal daughter or something," Christine said in an interview with Yahoo! Music.

Fleetwood Mac continues on their world tour into 2015. Check for remaining tour dates here.

The following concert photos are courtesy of Steph Brusig, staff photographer for The Seattle Lesbian.