Music Preview: “Tell Me” – Smooth Europop From Seanloui

Music Preview: “Tell Me” – Smooth Europop From Seanloui
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Photo Credit: Seanloui

Seanloui releases his new single, “Tell Me,” September 29 on B2G Records. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, by way of Los Angeles, Seanloui grew up in a musical family. By the time he was twenty-years-old, Seanloui was writing songs for Beyonce. Then he was recruited by the touring indie band Signals. After four years with Signals, Seanloui decided to venture forth on a solo career.

Stylistically, Seanloui merges elements of Europop, R&B and soul into a distinctive flavor of electronic music that emanates the best qualities of dance and trance: smooth melodies, expressive lyrics and infectious rhythms.

“Tell Me” starts off with a softly emerging synth, muted warped vocal effects and the entrance of a searing synth pulse transitioning into a solid dance groove. The electronic melody exudes hints of R&B and soul ensconced in a dance matrix. Cool undertones juxtapose the lighter, brighter flowing synth, giving the tune a misty, dreamy undulation. Coruscating, psychedelic effects introduce filtered hip hop vocalizations functioning as bridges to and from the chorus.

Photo Credit: Seanloui

Seanloui’s mellow tenor provides an easy listen. His voice resonates with a suggestion of silky breathiness beneath a richer surface timbre. There’s an attractive sonic aroma to his voice, along with good phrasing and articulation.

The lyrics of “Tell Me” mirror the real heartache and betrayal Seanloui experienced when he discovered his lover was cheating on him. Essentially, it’s a musical plea for honesty. Just tell me.

“Can you please / Tell me that you love me / Stay with me / I can’t show / That I know / You met someone else / Behind my back / That’s a fact.”

Seanloui most assuredly has beau coup talent. “Tell Me” oozes a novel, contagious melody shimmering with streaming harmonics, strong rhythmic elements making it danceable, and Seanloui’s proximate voice with its declarative smooth breathiness. “Tell Me” is an excellent example of the velvety sound inherent in the blending of Europop and R&B.

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