Music Review: “Glow” – Captivating Pop Music From East of Eli

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Photo Credit: East of Eli

“Glow” is the latest single from East of Eli. The song is from East of Eli’s forthcoming album Lost Transmission. East of Eli is the musical project of Nathan West, whose first single “Nowhere” made its debut in People magazine, harvesting almost 200,000 streams on Spotify. “Child’s Play,” the second single hit the charts on iTunes.

West’s inspiration for “Glow” was his daughter. "It’s an upbeat and heartfelt song that’s meant to remind all of us that our differences make us special because that’s what sets us apart from everyone else. It’s meant to encourage each and every one that listens (including my daughter) to be proud of where you come from and who you’re becoming along the way so the world can see how radiant you truly are,” says West.

East of Eli’s sound falls into the indie alternative pop category, merging various flavors from classical, hip hop, pop and electronic dance music. The resulting sound projects a cinematic pop essence flowing with persuasive melodies, mature harmonics and captivating rhythms.

“Glow” begins with a surfacing synth and radiant, tinny guitar riffs, followed by a potent bassline and thumping bass drum, along with al dente percussive elements. The rhythmic discharge thrums with contagious potency. The subterranean flow of the synth contrasts with sparkling accents, providing a scintillating quasi-orchestral emanation that’s proximate and dynamic. Amalgamating residual energies from pop, hip hop and electronic dance music, the melody ripples with a delicious resonance, a sensation approaching sonic luminosity. Shimmering vocal harmonies append polychromatic momentum by adding depth and texture.

Photo Credit: East of Eli

West’s voice is striking, exuding an exotic inflection and phrasing that’s mesmerizing, along with a magnetic tonal quality evoking ebullient poise. It’s a voice that oozes stylish coolness, buff with embedded sweptback resonance that’s polished to a fine sonic patina.

The lyrics deliver a palpable energy, relating the accumulating power garnered from individuality and personal originality. Once recognized and established, the unique glow becomes self-sustaining, increasing with direction. “Be the one you wanna’ grow to love / Let that light glow.”

“Glow” is lit! And East of Eli most assuredly has it going on! The melody, rife with dazzling harmony and infectious rhythm, is sleek and fashionable, attractive and stirring. And West’s extraordinary voice provides a sonic luster that’s inescapably hypnotic. Don’t miss “Glow.” It is hands-down one of the best pop songs of the year.

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If you live on the East Coast, you can see East of Eli live: Monday, October 23rd - Highline Ballroom, New York, New York.

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