Music Suggestions for Early April 2015

Several tracks have crossed my path lately. I find them all important for different reasons. I don't want to argue about music with you. Enjoy.

Uniform - "Perfect World"
Elements of the postpunk you grew up with. It reaches transcendent aggression.

Antwon - "Living Every Dream"
My favorite rap record of the moment. Let Kendrick put everyone else to sleep. I should mention that the video is great. Especially if you are old enough to remember and feel the '90s. Excellent work. Note the Hanoi Rocks shirt.

Josef Van Wissem - Partir To Live Soundtrack
High Art. Save it for being alone, reading, or contemplating chaos.

Zig Zags (debut) - My boy Travis put me on this today. It's some of the alive rock n' roll. I felt something like a feeling.

Krieg - "In Order of the Solitary Round"
These guys are doing wonderful work. it's almost a little acidy and hardcore. It reminds me a little of that wonderful moment in the mid-'80s when there were solid crossover thrash bands like The Crumbsuckers.

John Maus - "Keep Pushing On"
Simply a perfect ghostly pop song.

Cheena - "Did I tell You Last Night?"
This album reminds me why I think it's important to keep the skeletons out, so everybody can see how Rock R Roll looks. The rock n' roll seems sincere, it's alive.

Foetus - "Soak"
Some artists who start off as portrait painters end up later painting landscapes. Sonic layering. style, singing and dancing are just a few elements here. This record has so many moods and textures.Soak is probably best enjoyed alone as so many great records are.

*Ozzy Osborne's last great record Bark At the Moon gets an honorable mention for weekly obsessive spins.