Music Around The World: 10 International Music Styles (VIDEOS)

Music To Travel To: 10 Music Styles From Around The Globe

Music can be as fundamental to a place as a certain food or type of architecture. As cultures developed, so too did the melodies and rhythms that help to define them.

Who can listen to the mellow steel drums of calypso -– native to Trinidad and Tobago -– and not picture the blue waters of the Caribbean? What else besides the saccharine K-Pop of Korea can personify the country’s contemporary youth?

Get those headphones ready: Here are 10 of the countless music genres that can be heard around the globe. Some arose to tell tales of harsh life in a young country while others took the place of a shared language. In the end, they’re all awesome to jam out to.

Are we missing your favorite style of music? Let us know in the comments below!

10 Musical Styles From Around The World

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