Music Video Filmed By Dog Released By Johnny Neon, South African Musician (VIDEO)

With the migration of music videos from MTV to YouTube, Facebook, and just about everywhere else on the Internet, musicians are constantly looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. From shots filmed with hundreds of cameras to stop-motion to guys on treadmills, artists have come up with some pretty impressive stuff in recent years.

Now, South African musician Johnny Neon is reinventing the wheel again with a video for his new song "Hearts," which uses the special videography skills of a dog.

Directed by Dave Meinert, the music video features footage taken with a GoPro camera that was strapped to the back of a happy canine -- the pet of Meinert's friend, Will -- who runs around exploring streets, beaches and even the ocean to give us a glimpse of the dog's life.

Watch the video above.