The All-Chicken Band Is Cluckin’ Awesome

These "Flockstars" always score with the chicks.

This band rocks out with their cocks out.

A brood of chickens in Germantown, Maryland, are attracting flocks of music lovers thanks to their clucked-up Facebook videos.

The chickens, collectively known as “The Flockstars,” peck out simple rhythms and melodies on keyboards.

Shannon Myers, who co-owns the coop where these birds jam out, came up with the bird-brained musical concept nine months ago.

“They naturally peck and we wanted to come up with boredom busters for them,” told The Huffington Post by email. “People who keep chickens, especially in winter, are looking for boredom busters to keep them entertained while they are cooped up.”

Myers says she has nine chickens, five of whom have been introduced to instruments. Some, like AiChan, have been taken by the muse more than others, as this video demonstrates.

“She has a fan base sort of because [she is] so cute,” she said. “She is also the quickest learner.”

Although the Flockstars have developed a following with lovers of avant-garde music ― you know, eggheads ― don’t expect them to be touring with A Flock Of Seagulls or the Byrds.

“They are a house band,” Myers said. “We would not want to subject them to the stress of travel, let alone possibility of catching disease. That’s why we do videos.”

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