Musician Carlos A. Hakas Could Learn A Thing Or Two About Love

Ordinarily when a person thinks of a great or a legendary musician, we think about folks such as Bob Marley, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Selena or the like. Clearly their music was inspired by love for their fellow man.

However, it appears musician Carlos A. Hakas should probably learn a thing or two about love — you know the kind of love John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix wrote about. Less than 24 hours ago, Imelda Reyes posted a “feeling helpless” video of Hakas destroying a hard working man’s food cart and his property. 20 hours after Reyes posted the video it had already received over 1 million views and numerous people who saw the video went to Carlos A. Hakas’ Facebook page and posted the lowest rating possible along with poor reviews of this entertainer you can see here (but be aware that his Facebook page appears to link back to some malware site).

Bel Hernandez, CEO of Latin Heat Entertainment wrote:

Carlos A Hakas -- You cannot do what you did to that food vendor! you deserve all the bad karma you are getting...maybe next time you will view other people with respect...because what you did deserves no respect.

TG Williams wrote:

A bullying racist. I've seen your video, and I am a Native of America, and my ancestors include the first illegal immigrants from Spain. I am ashamed of this person's humanity, and his Art is negligent if it does not speak to humanity. A FAILED HUMAN BEING, AND A FAILED ARTIST.

Alejandro Venegas wrote:

Damn bro you're a piece of crap messing with the ones of your own community for people like you is that this country is the way it is. You should be helping people like him who work hard everyday and work hard to put the food on their families table this should be a lesson to you so you don't do more harm and karma is gonna get you back in the worse way possible you ***hole!!!!!!!

Indo Castaneda wrote:

So called washed out "Artist" is nothing more than a coward! Wish I was there to help the poor vendor! He wasn't asking for your money or bugging you but you think your so f'in tuff.. POS!!!

Karina Morales wrote:

I hope your career dies and you have to be out in the streets selling corn yourself that way you can learn how hard it is. ***hole.

Within minutes there were hundreds of 1 star reviews given to Carlos A Hakas, a musician who was born in Argentina. As of now Hakas was given 833 1 star ratings for his shameful act of tipping over someone else’s property, and there was no need for Hakas to destroy the very means for a hard working man to make a living to help feed his family. According to Hakas’ Linked In account he is a musician currently living in the Los Angeles, California, area. Latinos and Chicanos from several “hispanic” ethnic backgrounds essentially said he was a disgrace to treat other hard working immigrants as low as he did.

If Carlos A. Hakas wants to right this wrong he had better begin with apologizing quickly and buy the hard working food vendor man a brand new shiny food cart with supplies for a year! If he doesn’t, he will have several more “elotewords of daggers coming his way.

Hakas could also do himself a world of good to focus on what makes a legendary musician a great one — and normally the greatest musicians are inspired by love and encourage it for others. God knows we have enough hate in this world with bitter angry types such as Donald Trump. It was noticed how Hakas wore a Guns n’ Roses t-shirt and perhaps now is a good time to tell him that even GNR exposes Trump’s bigotry when they performed at a Mexico City, Mexico, concert. Legendary Roger Waters also ripped Trump who is a wannabe wall builder, too — and I think it is safe to say that Hakas will never amount to the likes of Roger Waters if he keeps up his awful egotistic attitude in order to impress a lady. Being rude is not sexy. Being kind and humble is!

Cartoon By Lalo Alcaraz
Cartoon By Lalo Alcaraz
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