Musician Dan Henig And Comedian Melinda Hill

Just what do a break-out musician and a veteran comedian have in common? Lots it turns out!

YouTube music sensation and original artist, Dan Henig, and comedian Melinda Hill join me at my house for a home-cooked meal on the most recent episode of The Celebrity Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano podcast. We dish on many things from the creative process, managing life and breaking through as an independent artist, and how they define success. Plus, Dan surprises us with a never-before heard new song, "Just Fine" (at 37:45 on the podcast), which he had just written the night before!

Dan and Melinda give tactical advice about staying sane and navigating an often overwhelming DIY landscape. With great words of advice like "Receive, Don't Resist" and "Learn to Love Your Life, Regardless", this podcast is a really candid look into the ups and downs of keeping it together and soldiering through as an independent artist.

Belly up and listen in to the newest podcast and for more information on Dan Henig and Melinda Hill, see below.

Melinda Hill is a stand-up comic, actress and writer. She has collaborated with comedic greats like Maria Bamford on The Project and Kristen Wiig on Confessions of a Toothfairy, both award-winning web series. She is currently writing, producing and staring in Romantic Encounters, a live storytelling show and web series which won the LA Weekly Web Award for "Best Comedy Series" and was an IndieWire Critic's Pick for "Best Comedy Web Series."

Her sellout show, What's Up Tiger Lilly, has been running for ten years. For more information on her stand-up, web series and classes visit

Dan Henig is a prolific songwriter and singer. Perhaps best known for his covers on YouTube of down and dirty songs like "Get Low" from Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz as performed impromptu in upper crust coffee shops, his EP Paper Planes and Hurricanes is out now, showing his deep talent for writing his own songs. His song "Gravity Bound" was featured on an episode of the CBS TV show, Life Unexpected. For more information, visit