Musician SZA Is as Legit as They Come


I wouldn't consider my day spent with SZA--known as Solana Rowe to those close to her--a standard interview procedure whatsoever. Speaking with the 24-year-old "not-R&B" up-and-comer isn't your typical Q&A sesh with a stranger who is way more famous than you. Instead, engaging in any sort of interaction with her is more like a chill sesh spent with one of your girls, smoking a j while dissecting the cultural significance of Cookie's latest smackdown on Empire. While previous interviews with other publications have accurately touched on her laid-back demeanor, a down-to-earth approachability such as SZA's can't be feigned. Which is a plus, as that's just what the singing chanteuse wants everyone to realize: Nothing about her is fake. Solana Rowe is as legit as they come.

"As human beings, we're cautious of other people, especially people who are too kind," says the singer with a contemplative smirk. "Being who you are is important. Once you alter who you are, people will think they were right [about you] the whole time."