Musings from the Road...

Last night, I took a beat when I saw out of the corner of my eye Amber, our production assistant, putting flatware from the dressing room at SMU into her purse and I felt compelled to ask her why. It turns out, she went to a thrift shop (I never would have thought of that) and bought used forks, knives and spoons to use in the dressing rooms at every stop so we wouldn't be throwing away plastic disposable utensils every night.

The message is getting through, at least to our road crew, that everyone can do something. And everyone is making small changes on their own.

I noticed another example last night after the show - the individual bottles of water that were originally stocked on the bus, had been replaced with a bulk water jug and 10 perky pastel refillable water bottles (I picked pink, Sheryl picked blue) with our names written on them. Credit for that goes to Hud, our amazing tour manager. (I have no idea when he had the time to do that!)

As we all toasted the success of the first show with our reusable plastic water bottles (ok, a few had wine in them), Sheryl handed out her own green contribution to the bus - organic cotton pajamas emblazoned with the Stop Global Warming College Tour logo.

Let the slumber party begin!!