Muslim Cartoonist Explains Ramadan, From A To Z

Adam Elrashidi explains Ramadan, from A to Z.
Adam Elrashidi explains Ramadan, from A to Z.

All Adam Elrashidi needed to get his creativity flowing for a month of introspection was a few Post-it Notes, archival ink pens and a holy month.

Elrashidi, a producer for Al Jazeera English known as @Adamaniac on Twitter, has been tweeting out Ramadan cartoons for the past few weeks, explaining important principles using the alphabet.

The 30-year-old from Washington D.C. said that, for his own spiritual wellbeing, he wanted to take a break from the negativity and sarcasm he often finds on social media and focus on the positive. He also wanted to highlight the fact that although fasting is an important part of Muslims' experience of Ramadan, it's also a time to look inwards towards the soul.

"I think that the introspective part about Ramadan gets lost," Elrashidi told HuffPost. "It's really supposed to be a time when you take stock of things, where you are with your faith, your community, your family. I wanted to highlight what I saw as some other elements of the month."

Elrashidi's favorite cartoons so far are the cards "'B' is for Black Muslims" -- which  pays tribute to a group that he believes is often overlooked -- and "'S' is for Sunni/Shia" -- which points out that despite theological differences, all Muslims are called to be part of one community. 

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Ramadan, From A To Z