Muslim 'Daily Show' Comedian Is Trying To Laugh At Living In Donald Trump's America

"I am panicking because melanin doesn't rub off."

”The Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj had to cope with Islamophobia before the election.

But now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, he’s in a tizzy. “I am panicking because melanin doesn’t rub off,” he said on the show Wednesday.

Minhaj told host Trevor Noah that Trump’s “open racism,” which included a proposed donald-trump-muslim-ban-immigration/"}}">ban last December on all Muslims entering the United States, should have been a deal-breaker. Now he worries that his mother, a U.S. citizen, will not be allowed back in the country in February.

“I need her back home because I love her... and she owes me $300,” he said.

Watch Minhaj’s funny and moving commentary above.