Stylish Blogger Reminds Us: 'The Hijab And Fashion Are Not Mutually Exclusive' (VIDEO)

That's not the case, however, for fashion blogger and FIT student Sobia Masood. Her blog, titled "Cloaked With Faith," puts both her spiritual and artistic expression on display.

Masood chatted with HuffPost Live Monday about her decision to start wearing a hijab, a head-and-chest covering worn by many Muslim women, as a way to not only feel closer to her religious roots, but to highlight her keen sense of style as well.

While hijabs plays an important role in Islam, there is plenty of freedom in terms of how they are worn and styled. Masood explains it as a matter of personal preference. "Islam doesn't tell us exactly what outfit to wear, or what colors to wear or what headpiece to wear. It gives us a certain guideline. Every Muslim woman has the right to interpret it the way they want to," she noted.

Masood's blog posts feature skillfully styled outfits with just a touch of humor (her Instagram handle is @Sobi1Conobi and she signs her posts "may the fashion force be with you"). She also boasts an impressive 3,000 followers on Instagram. Did we mention that she's ridiculously adorable?

She is not the first woman to draw attention to the world of Muslim fashion. In fact, we are noticing more and more stories like this one every day. The trend of religion and style blending together is truly inspiring.

Check out some photos of Masood below as well as a clip from her interview above. Head to HuffPost Live to catch the full segment.

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A taste of Muslim style:

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