This Response To An Islamophobic Demonstrator Is Totally Perfect

When an anti-Muslim demonstrator stationed herself outside the Islamic Center of Ann Arbor IN Michigan last week, a member of the congregation decided to counter the woman's hateful message directly.

The demonstrator's sign read, "I serve a risen savior Jesus Christ. Muhammad is dead." Congregation member Dr. Hamad Houwari responded with his own message: "Muhammad and Jesus = Love not hate."

love not hate

The unidentified woman returned to the Islamic Center for three days, the center's office manager Farhan Jafry told The Huffington Post over the phone.

"Hundreds of cars were stopping in support," Houwari told The Arab American News. "Christians were telling her she doesn't represent them. Some of people told her, 'Shame on you.' I didn't mean to insult her. I just wanted to show the contrast between the two sides."

Houwari's action mirrors similar efforts by counter protesters working against bigoted groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church. Whether holding a sign to promote equality, blocking the protesters in their path or showing off their resilience in other creative ways, these counter-demonstrators prove the ultimate point that love is so much stronger than hate.



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