Muslim-Owned Restaurant Offers Free Christmas Dinners To The Elderly And Homeless

"No one eats alone on Christmas Day."

If you’re looking for the true meaning of Christmas, you’ll find it at a Muslim-owned restaurant in London.

Shish, a restaurant that specializes in Turkish food, is offering free meals to the homeless and elderly on Christmas.

“No one eats alone on Christmas Day,” a sign on the restaurant reads. “We are here to sit with you.”

The sign promising a free three-course dinner to the elderly and homeless was initially handwritten:

We’re just helping people,” restaurant worker Hasan Masud told BuzzFeed News. “[L]ots of people stay home alone for Christmas… They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun.”

The meal includes soup and cacik (a yogurt-based dish), an entree of chicken, vegetarian casserole or chicken shish, and rice pudding for dessert.

Based on the pictures from Shish’s Twitter feed, anyone who turns up for dinner is in for a treat.

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