Muslim Teen Who Went Missing After Reporting Hate Crime Has Been Found

She had said three men on the train tried to rip her hijab off. Now she's charged with filing a false report.

A Muslim teenager reported missing a week after she says a group of men violently harassed her on the train has been found.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, told police and multiple media outlets last week that she was on the New York City subway heading home from a school event on Dec. 1, when three white men in their 20s started yelling at her, calling her names including “fucking terrorist.” They also grabbed her bag and tried to pull off her hijab, she said.

Seweid had described the incident in a Facebook post.

On Thursday, one week after the incident, her father reported her missing, The New York Post reported. The Baruch College student hadn’t been seen at the school since the day after the incident.

A Nassau County Police spokesman told The Huffington Post on Saturday that Seweid had been found alive, but said he was unable to provide further detail.

UPDATE 12-14-2016: Seweid has been charged with filing a false report. She allegedly recanted her story about the men on the train and said she made it up because she was having family problems, DNAInfo reports.

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