After Enduring Months Of Trump's Islamophobia, Muslim Voters Clap Back

And they did it in the most American way possible.

After months of listening to Donald Trump’s fear-mongering and Islamophobic rhetoric, American Muslims clapped back at the Republican presidential candidate in the best possible way. 

They went to the polls and voted. 

Thanks to mobilization efforts from Muslim organizations in the country, a record number of American Muslims reportedly registered to vote in this year’s election. The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, an umbrella group of advocacy organizations, puts the count at over one million ― double the number of registered Muslim voters in the 2012 presidential election. 

Advocacy groups set up registration booths at mosques, schools, and community centers throughout the year. Imams were encouraged to preach about voting during services. 

<a href="">Somalayan</a>&nbsp;writes on Instagram: "Thankful for all those before us who
Somalayan writes on Instagram: "Thankful for all those before us who marched, protested and endured violence, incarceration, and intimidation so that these two Muslim, black, immigrant women could vote."

Council on American-Islamic Relations survey released in October suggested that 86 percent of all registered American Muslims planned to vote and 72 percent said they were voting for Clinton. Four percent of the survey’s 800 participants said they were voting for Trump, three percent for Jill Stein, and two percent for Gary Johnson.

On social media, American Muslims shared Election Day photos and thoughts using the hashtag #MyMuslimVote. Here are just a few of the Muslims who came out to the polls on Election Day to make sure their voices were heard.