Must Read

"Democracy May Bolster Insurgency," says the jump headline of a front-page Los Angeles Times piece. Wrap your mind around that. So far, the US occupation of Iraq has managed to increase the insurgency from 5,000 to 20,000. According to the LATimes piece, we now face the prospect that the most wildly optimistic BushCo scenario -- political progress -- will actually energize the suicide bombers even more. The article cites Brian Jenkins, a Rand terrorism analyst, who points to Colombia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Northern Ireland, where "insurgencies have lasted for decades in those functioning democracies with educated populations." Says Jenkins, "There is no guarantee that political progress diminishes political violence." Could democracy be the mother's milk of terrorism? The neocons like to say that "they hate us for our freedom." If that's true, why wouldn't they hate Iraq even more for its freedom?