Must See Shows



Alexander and Bonin

Through – December 19, 2015 


An exhibition of new works by Fernando Bryce is being shown at Alexander and Bonin on November 14th. The exhibition will feature three major works, The Book of Needs, Arte Nuevo and ARTnews 1944-1947 which address the discourse of universal values during the 1940s and 1950s. These works chronicle the changing international climate following the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War, and survey media representation of subsequent cultural shifts.



Edwynn Houk Gallery

Through - December 19, 2015


Edwynn Houk Gallery is presenting an exhibition of Valérie Belin’s most recent series Super Models for the artist’s second exhibition at the gallery. Making its debut earlier this year in Belin’s solo exhibition, Les images intranquilles (Unquiet Images) at Centre Pompidou, this will mark the first presentation of the series in the United States.




Sean Kelly Gallery

Through - December 19, 2015 


Sean Kelly is presenting ‘Agnosia, an Illuminated Ontology’, a major installation of neon works over five decades by internationally acclaimed Conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth. Featuring over forty works dating from 1965 to the present, the installation simultaneously chronicles Kosuth’s fifty-year investigation into the role of language and meaning in art, and his consistent use of neon. The exhibition includes historic early works, featuring one of the most important neons Kosuth ever made, ‘Five Fives (to Donald Judd)’ [blue], (1965), alongside more recent works such as his ‘Camus Illuminated’ series (2013). Installed in a response to the gallery’s specific architectural space, ‘Agnosia, an Illuminated Ontology’ will employ areas never before activated for exhibition purposes, creating an all-encompassing and profound experience for the viewer.



Michael Werner Gallery 

Through - February 20, 2016 

Michael Werner Gallery, London will be presenting an exhibition of early works by German artist A.R. Penck. This is the first comprehensive exhibition in London of Penck’s rarely seen early works. Featuring important paintings and sculptures created in Dresden in the 1960s and early 1970s, the exhibition presents unique insights into the artist’s distinctive style and sensibility.



David Zwirner

Through - December 19, 2015 


David Zwirner is presenting the gallery’s first exhibition with Bridget Riley in New York. On view across 525 and 533 West 19th Street, this will be her first show in the city since 2007, and the only New York presentation since Bridget Riley: Reconnaissance at the Dia Center for the Arts in 2000 to feature new and older works. The exhibition marks fifty years since Riley’s participation in The Responsive Eye at The Museum of Modern Art, the highly influential group show which led to instant, international recognition for the young British painter.