Must See Video: Fat Guys Ousted From Buffet, Bill Maher Blasts Religion, Gladiators, Limbo-Skating And More!

Leno had Pam Anderson and Ron Paul this week. Letterman had Howard Stern and Mike Huckabee. But no interview was as compelling as Jimmy Kimmel's conversation with two fat guys kicked out of an all you can eat buffet in Louisiana. That sounds sarcastic. It wasn't. I'm dead serious about this. Give me an interview about shrimp balls and frog legs any day of the week over some dull convo with a
. Truly awesome television.

From ABC 1/9/08.

Writer-less Conan is holding his own too. Although most of the subversive sketches presented on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" are the product of his amazing writers, the strike is giving Conan a chance to tap into his own unique brand of off-the-wall humor. This week he is giving audiences a psychedelic light show, complete with pumping house music and a creepy German accent. Watch in amazement as Conan does something no other late night host could pull off.

From NBC 1/8/08.

And I hate to show two Conan clips in one week, but I would be doing society a disservice if I didn't post this clip of Bill Maher boldly going where no other talk show guest has gone before: calling all religion "completely bat sh**". While discussing the list of candidates seeking the GOP nomination, Maher paused to reflect on the ridiculousness of "being a rational person six days a week... and on one day of the week, go(ing) to a building and think(ing) you're drinking the blood of a 2,000 year-old space god". Note the shocked silence of the audience and the amazed disbelief of Catholic Conan. Props to Maher for the boldest answer ever given in a late night talk show interview.

From NBC 1/5/08.

After months of TV spots and annoying ads in the corner of every NBC show on air, "American Gladiators" finally premiered this week. And surprise, it's a huge hit! The format is very similar to the 90's show, with the added elements of water, fire, and Hulk Hogan! Check out the highlights of the first episode, featuring hysterical falls, the funniest voice on prime time television, and the Hulkinator himself.

From NBC 1/6/08.

Over in India, a 7-year-old kid hopes to roller skate under 100 parked cars, and CNN is covering it! 100 parked cars doesn't sound so hard though. Skate under one Lou Dobbs and I'll pay attention.

From CNN 1/7/08.

Finally this week, a Japanese import so awesome you will probably have to watch it twice: a live Olympics Highlights Reel. Live!!! Just watch. No explanation can do this clip justice. If only all olympic events were this entertaining, maybe people would actually tune in.
From YouTube via

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