Must See Video: Huckabee Eats Squirrels, Crazy Baltimore Cop, An Awful Hillary Theme Song, & More!

What do you get when you combine unabashed support for Hillary Clinton, a shameless rip-off of a Jackson 5 song, and some of the worst dance moves in the history of mankind? You get the viral video that is blowing up the interwebs this week: Hillary 4 U & Me. I think the only thing I enjoyed about this video in an unironic way was the shirts. And just a quick word to the wise, if you watch this more than once, be prepared to hear this awful song in your head for the next two weeks.

From YouTube user Hillary4UandMe

"Wife Swap" featured another nutty family this week, but at least we got an explanation for their wackiness. As dad proudly tells the cameras, he has been brainwashing his kids with his ultra-conservative Christian beliefs their whole lives. Yikes. At least he's honest about it. I guess?

From ABC 2/13/08.

Another video that is making a splash on the triple W's this week is this incredible footage of an irate Baltimore police officer abusing his power by putting a defenseless 14-year-old skateboarder in a headlock, slamming him to the ground, and yelling at him for a good three minutes about pretty much nothing. Take a look at the vehicle this cop is driving around and you'll get a good idea of why this dude (he is, in fact, a dude) has so much pent up aggression. Thanks to someone putting this video on YouTube, the bully cop is now suspended and waiting to find out if he can keep his job at all. Hopefully he gets demoted to assistant meter maid. SIT DOWN AND WATCH THIS CLIP!

From YouTube user camb0i

If you've been watching Fox's game show "The Moment of Truth", you might have noticed strange reactions from the audience when contestants confess to awful things like stealing from co-workers, touching female clients inappropriately, and driving under the influence. They applaud like crazy! This week's audience seemed extra supportive of some guy who admitted that he's afraid of dying because he's overweight. Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

From Fox 2/13/08.

Okay, so maybe there was a little editing in that last clip to prove my point, but I assure you, this next clip is the real deal. And it's scary. Mike Huckabee was on "Meet the Press" this week, where he told Tim Russert that he used to fry squirrels in a popcorn popper in college. Did I mention this is the same Mike Huckabee who wants to lead the free world? The only thing more offensive than Huckabee laughing about cooking squirrels is Tim Russert's comment that this news would help him get votes in Virginia. Tim, come on, don't you live in Virginia? I expect more out of you.

From NBC 2/10/08.

"American Idol" did its part to contribute to this week's frightening videos by using every war metaphor its writers could come up with. Now that I know what to expect if I ever auditioned and made it to Hollywood (brutality, bloodbaths, singing for my life), I think I'll stay home and play the video game version.

From Fox 2/12/08.

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