Must Win, Race Horse Owned By Pat And Stephen Downey, Gets Bored, Climbs On Roof (VIDEO)

When Pat and Stephen Downey discovered one of their race horses on the roof of their home in New Brunswick, Ca., it was very "unsaddling" indeed.

The horse, a colt named Must Win, climbed up on the roof of the garage last Tuesday, for reasons the Downeys are still trying to figure out.

“I think he was just bored. He’s here alone and he’s usually not alone,” Stephen Downey told CTV News. “He’s like a two or three-year-old kid and he was just looking for some excitement and he got into trouble like a regular kid would do.”

Pat Downey said they are still trying to figure out how Must Win got on the roof, but said he managed to jump a three-foot knoll that led up to the top.

"[The knoll is] not really ground level, it’s two or three feet tall, and he jumped it," she told the National Post. "It looks like he had been on the roof most of the night because there was horse manure all over the roof, so you could see where he had walked back and forth.

"You know, his hooves actually went through the roof at one point; there were holes on it. How he did not fall through completely is just a miracle."

Stephen's brother, Archie used a long pole to get Must Win off the roof and then had the colt checked out for possible injuries.

The horse was fine, but the Downeys have built a fence on the roof to prevent him and the other horses from climbing up there again, the Daily Telegraph reported.



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