Here's How You Can Be Inducted Into The Mustache Hall Of Fame

Your mustache deserves to be recognized.
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You, or your mustachioed idol, can now join the likes of Magnum P.I., Yosemite Sam, Mark Twain and other distinguished gentlemen in the International Mustache Hall of Fame.

In a promotional campaign with Wahl Trimmers, the IMHF (which is a real thing, by the way, from the American Mustache Institute, which is also a real thing that apparently has 800 chapters around the world) opened nominations on its site and will announce the chosen faces on March 9 in "a glorious ceremony befit of a sexually dynamic person of mustache" (a press conference in Pittsburgh).

Nominations close on March 4, and any man who sports a "lower nose forest" and perseveres through the world's "discriminatory culture against people of Mustached American heritage" deserves recognition, the institute says.

The institute describes itself as:

The bravest organization in the history of mankind behind only the U.S. Military and the post-Jim Henson Muppets is the world's only facial hair advocacy and research organization... The organization battles negative stereotypes and discrimination against the Mustached American community and is committed to recapturing the 1970s-era glory years of Mustached American culture when there existed a climate of acceptance, understanding, and flavor saving for people of Mustached American heritage.

Being inducted is "a nod to the legacy left behind [by] inaugural member and the last sitting POTUS of Mustached-American descent, President William Taft," American Mustache Institute chief executive Adam Paul Causgrove said in a statement.

"Enshrinement into the Hall is perhaps the most arduous yet ruggedly attractive achievement among its peer organizations, and the institution will continue to set the tone for handsomeness moving forward."

To tickle your whiskers, here are a few of the members in the Hall's first class of inductees:

Teddy Roosevelt
Hulton Archive via Getty Images
William Howard Taft
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
Ned Flanders
George Washington Carver
Stock Montage via Getty Images
Mark Twain
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images
Albert Einstein
Roger Viollet via Getty Images
Yosemite Sam
Sam Elliot
Daniel Zuchnik via Getty Images
Hulk Hogan
Gabe Ginsberg via Getty Images
Rich Uncle Pennybags
NBC via Getty Images
Rollie Fingers
Focus On Sport via Getty Images
Tom Selleck
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images
Burt Reynolds
Art Zelin via Getty Images
Billy Dee Williams
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images
Geraldo Rivera
Ben Hider via Getty Images
Salvador Dali
Daniel Farson via Getty Images
Lionel Richie
Christopher Polk via Getty Images
Freddie Mercury
Dave Hogan via Getty Images

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