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Must-have Software for the Better Performance of Your Small Business

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If you're someone who's running a small business on your own, you've got lots of things on your plate. Managing the entire spectrum of work for a business, from marketing to sales, to administration to accounting is not a matter of joke. Anyone who is of the opinion that a business can run by itself, probably owes a debt of gratitude to a number of software applications and other web services which tirelessly and silently keeps feeding the machine from behind the curtains. The small business owners of these days are lucky enough that there are a number of technology tools which are available and which can make you organized, efficient and double productive.

From storing and creating documents and staying on top of your mail box to keeping your accounting books and getting teams to work together, it takes a lot of effort to operate a business and run it in an effective manner. But it is also true at the same time that setting up a company isn't as easy as fishing apps from a barrel. You would want the best price that you get and that too at a price which isn't too high for you. Read on the concerns of the article to know more on the different software tools and web services which are required for a business for better performance.

  • Accounting software

This kind of software can simplify and ease off the accounting processes of a company and help you monitor your business finances by reducing the possibilities of human error. Here is one important name:

Intuit QuickBooks Pro: This is a flowchart based accounting of QuickBooks which is almost a yardstick of measurement in financial management in the world of small business. It is undoubtedly one of the best and simplest ways for the non-professionals to transfer the books from filing cabinet to the PC. You can complete most actions, from billing a client to cutting a check within one or two clicks from the start screen.

  • Blogging software

If you have a business, you must be into blogging as this is the best way to gain attention of the online audience. Here is the most vital software for blogging:

WordPress: Does your business still don't have a blog? If yes, one of the best ways to catch up with blogging generation is by installing WordPress within few minutes. WordPress even offers a free hosting option as well and the platform for blogging is extremely easy and user-friendly. WordPress is such easy blogging software that your team will soon start blogging like never before and will start gaining more online customers.

  • Customer relationship management software

CRM solutions will allow you to track and organize customer information, including account management details, contact information, past customer service interactions and your history of buying. Here is the name of one such software: Don't think that customer relationship management is only for the Fortune 500 companies. Even the one-person shops can be at an edge through a much more ordered approach of managing the entire sales process starting from tracking leads and making sure that everything is done in a timely manner. Due to its vastness, needs some patience and training and its exhaustive features make it useful software. For all businesses, this is a must-have.

  • Database managing software

Every business has different database which the owner has to take care of. However, software programs usually simplify the entire process. Here's the name.

FileMaker Pro: Access is a part of most of the editions of Microsoft Office but if you don't have that database program within your toolkit, you may consider using for FileMaker Pro instead of that. The database app is more useful than Access and it also offers some high-end features like live SQL data source support and Web publishing capabilities and this way your entire team can get access to the database through the same browser.

  • E-commerce service software

Given the large number of e-commerce websites in the industry, there is some software available in the market. Here is the name.

Yahoo Small Business: You will rather be surprised to know about some of the best things that can be done with the e-commerce service that you will get at Yahoo Small Business. Yahoo offers everything from wizards and templates to sales tax collection and credit card processing. If you're a company which sells less than 50,000 units, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways of going online.

  • Time management software

Apart from the above mentioned software, you may even require time management software for business so that you can manage the timing of your business employees and enhance the performance of your business. Such time management programs usually come in many forms, offering innumerable useful tools, training sessions, information packets, etc. The data which you require while managing the time of your employees and yours as well is all out there in the software program. You just need to choose it and use it accordingly.

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