Must-Have Tech Accessories for the Beach

For Women & Co., by Helena Stone,

A trip to the beach is one of the most enjoyable luxuries of summer. But the sun, surf, and sand can easily turn it into a nightmare for your expensive tech equipment. Here are some must-have affordable accessories I love for protecting your electronic gear during your next visit to the shore.

Keeping It Dry

No one wants to leave their phone behind when they're at the beach, yet it's all fun and games until it gets wet. Fortunately, Proporta's BeachBuoy Waterproof Case can protect most smartphones and even compact digital cameras from getting water damage. The case also keeps out sand and dust, and can even keep a device afloat should it decide to go for a swim. For around $25, the BeachBuoy is an affordable way to keep your expensive gadget safe, so there is no excuse to leave home without it.

Stay Charged
There's nothing worse than getting settled into your beach chair to read a good e-book, only to discover that your e-reader is dead. This is when a portable battery charger like the ZAGGsparq comes in handy. The device is able to provide multiple backup charges for your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, and other electronic equipment.

Or perhaps you're looking for something more versatile? PowerBag is a handy tote with a built-in battery charger. Not only will the PowerBag provide your electronics with extra juice, but it can also carry your phone, camera, beach towel, sunscreen, and other essentials.

Stay Connected

Just because you're hitting a beautiful and exotic beach outside the U.S. doesn't mean you can't stay connected. Xcom Global offers affordable Mi-Fi hotspot rentals for international locations. Pricing begins at just $14.95 a day, which might even be cheaper than the cost of using Wi-Fi in your hotel room.

Chill With Some Tunes

No day at the beach can be complete without some music. Sure, you could lug along a portable iPod dock for listening to your tunes, or you could carry one of these multitasking accessories with built-in speakers. Hi-Sun is a backpack, beach towel, inflatable pillow, and speaker all in one! It's able to connect to an iPhone, iPod, or just about any portable music device via its 3.5mm jack. The Sharper Image's Portable Chair with Speakers is another convenient beach accessory that doubles as a speaker. It also can connect with just about any portable music device or smartphone.

Capture It

Photographs at the beach can turn that perfect day into memories that last a lifetime. Just don't bring along your expensive DSLR camera, which can be easily damaged by the sand, sun, and water. Instead, pick up a more affordable digital camera such as Sony's Cyber-shot Digital Camera TX20. This colorful, compact camera is waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof. Plus, it not only snaps photos, but it can record video of those beautiful ocean waves in full HD.

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