Must-See (and Hear!) Apps for Audio and Video Production

While many of us are familiar with Apple products like iMovie and Garage Band, these five independently developed iPad applications are a central part of the story.
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Students of all ages today have more tools to convey their ideas and presentations than ever before. Notebooks, blackboards and word processors are being replaced (or at least augmented) with an array of audio and video production apps that help young learners say and show what they're thinking. While many of us are familiar with Apple products like iMovie and Garage Band, these five independently developed iPad applications are a central part of the story.

Pinnacle Studio ($12.99)

Pinnacle has taken all the aspects of video editing and made them accessible on the tablet. All the production apps listed here are good, but we love Pinnacle because of its smooth operation and depth of tools, making this a must have video production app. Pinnacle is not just good -- this app is awesome. Similar in design as iMovie, Pinnacle uses your local device and allows you the flexibility to choose pictures, movies or music to use in your production. Students will certainly not want to put this app down for a number of reasons!

Curated by: Brett Baker

Videolicious lets you take your pictures and put them together as a movie. One touch of the mic button, and you're recording your voice to go with the pictures. This very simple and straight-forward app is a great way to make a full video from pictures. After you add your voice over, you can choose your music from a group of royalty-free songs. Just preview the video and save when you're done. This app will save time because it's so quick to take pictures as you develop your project. When finished, students can write a script, and put it with their pictures for a true multimedia project that will impress.

Curated by: Anna Lush

Educreations gets the balance between simple to use and full featured absolutely spot on. It functions as a recordable whiteboard whereby you can create a video that records anything you do on the screen with an accompanying narrative. Use the app to demonstrate learning. Children can explain how to do something using images and drawings to illustrate their story. You can import pictures or draw a background while recording or before you record. It's up to you.

Curated by: Channah Goldblatt

ReelDirector ($1.99)

We love this app because it is so easy to use. Accessing your iPad camera roll, you can easily use pictures or videos to create and piece together a masterpiece. The music is taken directly from your music library and will automatically fade in at the beginning and fade out at the end of your creation. You can add voice-overs or have no audio at all. Transitions are free within the app and are diverse enough to offer flexibility. Rendering (converting file to video form), is fast and provides opportunity to save to the Camera Roll, Email, or upload to YouTube.

Curated by: Brett Baker

Croak it has one function. That's it! The one function is to create 30 second audio clips. It has a big button to push when you want to record, which makes it fantastically easy to use and there is no need to sign up to create or share a clip. You can get your students to record themselves asking questions or explaining how they did something. They can then share it alongside their work on display boards or a school website. Once you've created your clip, you can email a link or copy a link to share.

Curated by: Channah Goldblatt

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