Must-Watch: The Daily Show Does Your Tubes.

Last night, the good people at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart trained their double-barreled satire shotgun at the CNN/YouTube debate, reaching its comedic peak at the end of the clip posted above, in which John Oliver, Jason Jones, Larry Wilmore and Samantha Bee stage a nigh-upon-ridiculously hilarious parody of the well-travelled "Pretty Ricky" video, in which a group of grown men, for reasons that practically dismember the imagination, molest an innocent ottoman before moving on to do the same with the other pieces of furniture, wall fixtures, and crown molding found in the room.

If you'd like to view the original, here you go, though the Geneva Conventions that cover blogs require us to warn you that the content of the video probably falls within the realm of Not Safe For Work, and, really, on some subtle level, it can more likely be considered Not Safe For Anyone or Anywhere. That said, we think you'd all agree that the only thing separating the "Pretty Ricky" video from content appropriate to the upcoming GOP version of the CNN/YouTube debate is a brief introduction that says, "Yes, this is a question for Tom Tancredo."