Muttbombing Is The Hilarious New Instagram Craze That's Also Helping Shelter Dogs

People, it's time to start taking more selfies...

But only if you're willing to be muttbombed!

This may sound ridiculous, but bear with us -- "muttbombing" is a new Instagram craze, started by Dallas Pets Alive (DPA). Its goal is to make Dallas a no-kill city while finding homes for healthy rescue dogs, according to its Facebook page.

It works like this: DPA searches Instagram for selfies and Photoshops a mutt who's up for adoption into the picture. They also provide information about how to help the shelter animal. The result is hilarious, of course, but it also gets the message out that an adorable pup is in need of a forever home.

If you visit DPA's Instagram page (@dallaspetsalive), you can see a slew of wonderful muttbombs, but here are just a few of our favorites:

Sir, you've just been muttbombed.

So have you, Miley!

And you, Jimmy!

Your mirror pic? Consider it muttbombed.

Gym selfies are not safe from muttbombs.

Neither are shirtless selfies.

Even our own Arianna Huffington cannot escape a muttbombing!

For more information about rescuing pets in Dallas, visit DPA's website.



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