My 2017 Christmas Travel Wish List

The Twelve Days of Christmas are already upon us; and like a lot of kids who wrote to Santa Claus every year, I had Christmas wishes too. My Christmas wishes were usually fulfilled (Spoiler Alert!)—by my parents and grandparents. Still being young at heart, I thought I’d try it this year with a travel theme: ● On the First Day of Christmas…I wish that we Americans would take and use all our allotted vacation time. We’re killing ourselves. ● On the Second Day of Christmas…I wish I could better unplug and detox from technology...not letting my gadgets get in the way of meeting others or enjoying moments of serendipity that create lasting memories. ● On the Third Day of Christmas…I wish for an authentic travel adventure, where trusting strangers in strange lands—like on the 2018 edition of the annual world travel championship - The Global Scavenger Hunt in April—is the goal. ● On the Fourth Day of Christmas…I wish for a new pair Rockport bucks (size 11 please)…I seem to have worn the last one’s out in the 100 countries they took me to. ● On the Fifth Day of Christmas…I wish for a magazine subscription to an actual travel magazine. I want to slow down and read it back to front, just like the old days. ● On the Sixth Day of Christmas…I wish for a week of be-bopping the Adriatic’s ports along the Dalmatian Coast late summer. ● On the Seventh Day of Christmas…I wish for a US-version of flyers rights and consumer protections ala Air Passengers Rights – as other nations have secured for themselves. ● On the Eighth Day of Christmas…I wish I could take my son ice skating in Central Park before a game at Madison Square Gardens. ● On the Ninth Day of Christmas…I wish I could take my daughter on a visit to her namesake—Petra, Jordan. ● On the Tenth Day of Christmas…I wish for an extra-long weekend of bliss with my wife at a cozy riad in Marrakesh in February. ● On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…I wish to spend Christmas in Bavaria next year. ● On the Twelfth Day of Christmas…I wish I could experience both the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun in one calendar year. Greedy I know! Finally, Santa, I wish for a Star Trek-like transporter system. Pretty please!

Thank you, Santa, and Merry Christmas!

P.S. Enjoy our cookies and milk by the fireplace. (FYI: I think the lady of the house made them too sweet. Sorry!)

That’s my Christmastime wish list…What is on your travel wish list for 2018?

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